Las Mejores Aplicaciones Para Croma

Los desarrolladores conocen los puntos han de ser considerados en el desarrollo de diseñar una aplicación, dando cumplimiento a los preceptos jurídicos que se han predeterminado en numerosos países para aceptar el funcionamiento de las apps. Entonces, vamos a comprender esas peculiaridades que han de ser considerada para bajar la preferible Aplicaciones Para Croma.

❤️ Lista con las mejores app

TOP #IconoNombrePuntuaciónDescargar
#1Chroma Key (Beta)Chroma Key (Beta)★★★★★Descargar APP
#2Chromavid - Chromakey green screen vfx applicationChromavid – Chromakey green screen vfx application★★★★★Descargar APP
#3Chroma KeyChroma Key★★★★★Descargar APP
#4Magic Green Screen Effects Video CreatorMagic Green Screen Effects Video Creator★★★★✰Descargar APP
#5GOM Meme - Chroma Key video appGOM Meme – Chroma Key video app★★★★✰Descargar APP
#6Green ScreenGreen Screen★★★★✰Descargar APP
#7Green Screen VFX Effects Video | Chroma KeyGreen Screen VFX Effects Video | Chroma Key★★★✰✰Descargar APP
#8Chroma LabChroma Lab★★★✰✰Descargar APP
#9Personal Studio (Green Screen)Personal Studio (Green Screen)★★★✰✰Descargar APP
#10Green Screen Live Video RecordingGreen Screen Live Video Recording★★★✰✰Descargar APP

Chroma Key (Beta)

Chroma Key (Beta)Take of photo or select one from your gallery with a green screen and add a custom background using the chroma key effect.

Notice that the application is in beta testing so please share any comment with me.

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Chromavid – Chromakey green screen vfx application

Chromavid - Chromakey green screen vfx applicationIntroducing Chromavid – The best green screen chroma key aplicación to shoot awesome videos and photos using chroma key effects in real time just like they do it in Movies and televisión espectáculos.

You cánido now also subscribe to Chromavid for :
– Unlimited Recording time
– No Chromavid Logotipo
– Free Premium Pack

Chromavid offers following subscription options:
*1 Year at just $2.99 (USD)

Steps to create an awesome Chroma key vídeo or photo:

Choose the chroma color (Background wall / Curtain). It can be blue, green, yellow or red. Make sure it’s plain color.

Select the background image you wish to replace instead of chroma color in background.

That’s it ! The Background Chroma color will be replaced with the photo you selected in the Camera. You perro take a photo or record a video.

Go ahead , be creative and try out with different background available in the aplicación, you perro also you any image in your phone as background.

Share your creations with your friends on various popular media platforms. You cánido even save your Chromavid on your device storage.

Chromavids are saved in device storage under Chromavid Folder. If you don’t see it in your Gallery, go to Chromavid folder using any file manager aplicación.

Hope you enjoy using Chromavid aplicación. Please rate us on Playstore if you love us. Tag us on Social media.

***Important Note***
Incase of video mode, you will need to use a specific shade of color for detection. You might require to use an alternative lighter or darker color shade of chroma color. This is a known issue and is being addressed.

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Chroma Key

Chroma KeySelect any photo from your phone or take photo from your camera and remove the green or blue background from any image using chroma key technique

App is currently in beta phase. It might not perform as intendented.
It only works for images not for vídeos
For it to work images needs to have green or blue background

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Magic Green Screen Effects Video Creator

Magic Green Screen Effects Video CreatorQuick Start Instructions:
Step 1 : Place camera on a tripod or any still surface and point camera on subject. The subject’s background should have a solid colored background.
Step 2 : Run the aplicación then tap anywhere on the screen to select the color you want to be transparent, in most cases the background is the one you would usually tap. (Sept 2019 Update now allows you to use or tap up to 10 chroma keys)
Step 3 : Adjust Tolerance/Precision/Brightness/Contrast barras deslizables to achieve desired effect.
Step 4 : Clic on the record icon located on the lower-leftmost part of the screen to start recording. You’ll know that it’s already recording when all icons disappears from the screen.
Step 5 : Tap anywhere on the screen to stop recording. Pressing the BACK, HOME, or POWER button should also stop the recording process.

1) Record real-time green screen vídeos with the built-in recorder function.
2) Tap any part of the screen to select the color you want to be transparent.
3) Precision & Tolerance sliders for transparency.
4) Brightness & Contrast sliders for both Foreground and Background Videos or Images.
5) Rear and Front camera coincidente.

Important Notes:
1) Output quality & resolution is highly dependent on the phone and it’s cameras.
2) This aplicación was designed with the intention of making people experiment, learn, and to just have fun creating simple green screen videos.

1) Pictures and Videos – This permission is needed so that the aplicación can use the phone’s camera to capture vídeos.

2) Record Audio – This permission is needed so that the aplicación cánido use the phone’s microphone to record audio.

3) Modify or Read contents of phone storage – The READ permission is needed to access selected videos or image backgrounds from phone storage. The MODIFY permission is needed so that the app could save output vídeos on phone storage.

4) Record Screen – The app uses a built-in screen recorder to record videos in real-time. During run-time, aplicación will ask the user for screen recording permission when usuario taps on the record icon. Screen recording is designed to stop whenever the user single taps anywhere on the screen or whenever the app loses focus (might be due to clicking hardware buttons like BACK, HOME or POWER).

* All recorded videos will radica on phone storage only, specifically in the BadonguTech folder.

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GOM Meme – Chroma Key video app

GOM Meme - Chroma Key video app? Chroma key vídeo maker
– Chroma key created shooting with GOM Meme
– Chroma key created with a vídeo from gallery on my dispositivo móvil
– Chroma key created using a downloaded vídeo

? Shooting a vídeo compositing Chroma key
– Shoot compositing 9 types of Chroma key contents provided by GOM Meme
– Shoot compositing my own Chroma key video
– Shoot compositing a downloaded video

? Editar feature
– Trim the desired part and save it on my smartphone
– Brighten up the mood with 36 types of music and sound effect provided by GOM Meme
– Insert music using mp3 file on my smartphone
– 19 types of filters available

? Sharing on SNS to be social!
– Share my own Chroma key video on SNS
– Share a video filmed with Chroma key on SNS

** Access agreement
[Camera] Required for making or shooting Chroma key vídeo or shooting
[Microphone] Required for recording sound when shooting Chroma key
[Save] Required for importing or saving the video archivo stored in my device

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Green Screen

Green ScreenDo you need a small green or blue screen to make an awesome vídeo with cool effects? If that is the case then this app is perfect for you. Use your phone or tablet as a green, blue or red screen.

How to use it:

?? Please rate the app, any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you so much, I really hope you ??? this green screen!

?? [email protected]

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Green Screen VFX Effects Video | Chroma Key

Green Screen VFX Effects Video | Chroma KeyGreen Screen VFX Effects Vídeo | Chroma Key


* Small Size : small size vídeo download, so save your internet data and save your mobile memory.

* Trending Vídeo : We currently offer vídeo running in the market. So you can put a trending video on your social profile.

* Quick Share : Expeditiously share short WhatsApp vídeo Status on popular popular networks.

* Fast Download : WhatsApp in diminutive size and best quality.

* Smart Search : video status 2018 will help you to get search results from various video.

* Status Downloader for helps you download Whatsapp photo images, GIF, Vídeo download.

Green Screen VFX Effects Vídeo Aplicación provides :

* VFX green screen vídeos
* New Effects for TikTok
* Animals Green screen vídeos
* Helicopter Green screen videos
* Planes Green screen vídeos
* Super Power effects Green screen vídeos
* vehicles Green screen videos
* effects for vídeos for TikTok
* vfx effects for tiktok vídeos
* free background vídeos,
* Green screen videos,
* Intros,
* Templates
* Green screen VFX Aplicación for movies
* black screen VFX
* Green screen Super Power effects
* Green Screen templates for Youtubers
* Green Screen special effects
* VFX green screen vídeos
* Green screen
* Sridevi green screen video
* Bollywood green screen vídeos
* Green screen bollywood actress
* Green screen vfx
* Green screen vídeo download mp4
* Green screen bollywood actress madhuri dixit dance video
* Green screen bollywood
* Green screen tiger
* Bolliwood star green screen videos
* Green screen studio
* Green screen vídeos
* Tiktok sridevi video editing
* New sridevi green screen vídeo
* Green
* Screen
* Arma 3 green screen
* Arma 3
* Green screen footage
* Video green screen
* Zombie green screen
* Flash gun front green screen – flash arma de fogo
* Arma 3 blue screen
* After effects green screen tutorial
* Arma 3 (vídeo game)
* Arma
* Blue screen
* Blue screen magix
* Arma 3 cinematic
* Arma 3 ace animations
* Green day
* Arma 3 supply network escape
* Arma3
* Arma 3 zombies
* Helicopter flying green screen
* Helicopter
* Helicopter free green background green screen
* Green screen effects
* Inside helicopter green screen
* Real helicopter green screen
* Helicopter green screen
* Helicopter crash green screen hd
* Helicopter green screen download
* Helicopter green screen crash
* Army helicopter green screen crash
* Airplane green screen
* Helicopter landing green screen
* Snake green screen
* Snake green screen vídeo
* Green screen snake
* Green screen snake video
* Snake green screen effects
* Snake on green screen
* Real snake green screen
* Green screen video
* Snake in green screen
* Snake green screen hd
* Big snake green screen
* Green screen cobra
* Snake green screen vídeo download
* Green screen vfx effect vídeo
* No copyright green screen snake
* Snake
* Free green screen
* Top green screen
* Python
* Depósito green screen
* Best green screen
* Green screen effect
* Green screen download
* Snake green screen effect
* Kinemaster effect
* Python snake
* Green car crash
* Greenscreen
* Green chroma
* Green vídeos
* Bestgreenscreen
* Chroma key

If any Copyright issue or any Problem in this application kindly e-mail.

Declaimer :-
The Video Contain in this aplicación are made from us ,we have also collected other video source and modified from original source. All the copyright material credit goes to their Respected Owner,We have Just Provided a platform.

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Chroma Lab

Chroma LabSupercharge your pictures with Chroma Lab. A wide selection of tools from simple color adjustments to bold shape and light effects give you complete creative control over your photography.

Chroma Lab is fácil to use yet at the same time endlessly configurable. Filters combine to produce endless variations of your art.

Over 50 effects covering:
? Color (duotone, colorozing, hue effects…)
? Black and white (including color filtering and channel mixing)
? Blur effects
? Vignetting effects (including unique saturation and contrast modes)
? Texture effects (add grain, emboss)
? Light effects (bokeh, spot light, rainbow…)
? Shapes
? and also glitch effects, pixel sorting, distortions, 3D and more!

Powerful user interfaz
? Infinite undo/redo
? Erara parts of the last applied effect (PRO)
? Bookmark images to save progress or reuse as masks
? Area of effect options (activate from settings)

Chroma Lab comes with a powerful animation module. Create smooth vídeos with parameter interpolation between key frames (be sure to activate vídeo from the aplicación settings).

PRO Version
Available as an in-app purchase, the PRO version comes with extra filters, plus parameters, higher resolutions and lossless file saving (PNG).

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Personal Studio (Green Screen)

Personal Studio (Green Screen)Standing in front of a pure color like green, blue or red screen. It will remove this pure color and then replace it with the virtual background what you choiced before.

Special introduction, even a general background also support chroma key compositing. First of all, you need to let the camera stand still, and then clic the hot key Chroma key general background and wait for 3~5 seconds until you perro see the virtual background on screen. After the background is composited, you perro take a photo and save it, share it, or just save the image with the removed background.

When remove background by using pure color, I’ll recommend to use bright natural colors like green and blue. Use well lighted and minimize shadows will help you get a best results.

– Realtime chroma key compositing.
– Support general background chroma key compositing.
– Fast lock/unlock camera Auto-3A modes. (3A: AE/AF/AWB)
– Use the hot key to switch the different chroma key color.
– Coche adjust photos rotation when to shoot in portrait or landscape mode.
– Preview photo taken
– Change and import the virtual background

** Requires a bright natural colors background like green, blue or red.
** If the app’s frame rate too slow, please try to lower the resolution of preview size.
** Current version only provides photos taking – No Vídeo

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Green Screen Live Video Recording

Green Screen Live Video RecordingRecording your own videos using any background has never been so easy!
*** Over 5 million users, thank you so much! ***
Thanks to Green Screen Live Recording app, you perro record yourself using the front camera or the back camera and change the background behind you.
Select any of the thousands of background sets that come with this aplicación, professional scene settings such as work offices, sky, outdoor. You also can choose between animated scenes with busy employees in it, which is perfect to give a professional look to your video and add weight to what you have to say.

Record in any position, portrait or landscape mode.
The app saves your videos instantly to the Photo Library. No need to wait for it to process. And since the videos are in the Photo Library, you’re one step away to share them by dirección de correo electrónico, text message, to youtube, dropbox or any of your favorite aplicaciones.

Still want more? We got you covered. You don’t even need a green screen since this aplicación lets you choose what color range to remove from the environment around you and make it transparent to show the background of your choice.

And to top it off, you can also add your own custom background images from the web, the photo library or straight from the camera.
The images you import cánido also be totally customized using our top-notch image editing tool that would crop, and rotate your background image.

Finally, this app is free to use, with all background images and all features. Now that’s a deal you cannot refuse! Download it now.
– Exciting new feature: Add fantastic special effects to your live videos such as explosions, snow, rain, fire, nyan cat, make it rain dollars and even a poop emoji!
– Now allows you do add your own custom movies as background from your photo library
– More green screen backgrounds for in-school daily news show.
– New feature: You perro now apply the green screen effect on any movies from your Photo Gallery (or apply it on any other color you’d like!)
New feature: You perro now apply the green screen effect on any photos from your Photo Gallery (or apply it on any other color you’d like!)
New feature: You can add your own audio tracks from your music library or from our template
New features: thousands of emojis, stickers, background images and movies are now available
New features: Come back often and check out our trending backgrounds, and stickers
New: Add text to your vídeos
New: You cánido now change the look of stickers by moving them around, scaling them up or down, and rotating them

We’d like to thank the community, especially the teachers and students at Title 1 school in Norfolk, Va. Thank you for using the green screen app for your in-school daily news show. Your contest in which the students have to guess the background location for a oportunidad to guest anchor the show is an amazing iniciativa! Thumbs up. We’ve added mire green screens background with cities all over the world for you. Enjoy!

Subscriptions and In-App-Purchases
• Green Screen Live Record Premium Price: $1.99/month USD , $9.99/year USD, and $0.49/week USD (may vary by location).
• Payment will be charged to credit card on iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at a cost of $1.99 USD, or $9.99(yearly) , or $0.49(weekly), or $49.99(monthly commercial use)(may vary by location).
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.
• Complete Term of Use perro be found at

Say Bye-Bye to boring videos

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💡 ¿Qué tener en cuenta al descargar una Aplicaciones Para Croma?

¿Qué es una aplicación?

Son programas en una versión ejecutable dentro del móvil inteligente cuyo objetivo es solucionar una necesidad de los usuarios ofreciendo una experiencia única y personal en todos los Dispositivo móvil sin que esto signifique poner en una situación comprometedora la seguridad de la información y los datos personales de quien utiliza la aplicación.

Compañía desarrollador

Entones, es sensato que te tomes el tiempo para llevar a cabo esta valoración, no tomar a la ligera para entender si los datos que consigas compartir a través de una aplicación van a estar a resguardo y no van a llevarte a ser víctima de suplantación de identidad en el planeta digital.


Esto no significa que las apps gratis no sean útiles, todo lo contrario, todo dependen del uso que vayas a darle, porque en algunas ocasiones los desarrolles han ideado las aplicaciones que solo aceptan utilizarlas hasta un punto de forma gratuita y solo con la versión Premium es que vas a poder disfrutar del 100% de la aplicación.

Géneros de aplicaciones

Como hemos dicho no son los únicos géneros de apps que existen en el mercado, mas sí llegan a ser las más frecuentes que pueden hallar. Aunque la lista puede ser extensa, el más grande misterio en este punto está en saber qué útil será la aplicación para de avance de tu función o bien tarea, así como la proporción de confort que puede aportarte.

  • Entretenimiento: Si estás listo para un film viaje, seguro te conviene una aplicación de música o bien, por qué razón no, para hacerte con un partido de tu juego favorito. Esta clase de apps vienen a cambiar la forma en la que jugamos y también interactuamos con los demás, aun si conocerlos.

Interactividad y usabilidad

En una aplicación lo que más hacemos es interactuar, lo hacemos desde el mismo momento en el que hacemos click sobre la pantalla y aportamos información, mas esta interactividad debe estar acompasada con otro principio del avance de programas informáticos que es la usabilidad, que no es otra cosa que la simplicidad con la que podemos hacer uso de la aplicación.


Con esto último, lo único que puedes llevar a cabo es desconfiar de la aplicación si no trabaja de manera correcta si no das tu consentimiento para la totalidad de los privilegios y en caso de no ser descargada de un sitio seguro, entonces lo destacado es seguir a desinstalar la aplicación de tu móvil, solo por temas de seguridad.

Otras Aplicaciones que te pueden interesar